19 mars 2006

Fermé pour congé...A bientôt

16 mars 2006

waiting for spring...

15 mars 2006

Fresh from the oven...

To please Michael's request, here 's the picture the local "baguette".
It is the best I have ever eaten, so crusty!!!!

14 mars 2006

fishing ducks

13 mars 2006

Allons enfants de la patrie ...

In almost every French town or village, you can find such a memorial to commemorate the soldiers killed during the 1st and the 2nd World Wars. On the right, a smallier memorial can be seen. It was built in memory of the soldiers killed in North Africa between 1952 and 1962.

12 mars 2006

This is the old fashioned style sign of the baker shop where I buy my daily bread.

Indeed, Their bread is excellent.

Sorry, for the photo, it is not as good as I intented it to be, I'll try to improve it when I have some more time.

11 mars 2006

Happy 1st Birthday to Éric's blog

10 mars 2006


Nothing much to say apart from the fact that I do like sunsets.

09 mars 2006

On duty

Today I stayed at home to do some housework, no time to go out looking for exiting shots...

08 mars 2006


In case you plan to buy a propriety , let me show you some local estates :

07 mars 2006

Rainy Day

Rue Victor Hugo, on our way to the public library

06 mars 2006


I love trees. I find this one very magestic and I can admire it every day from my bedroom window. It arises on the Town Hall car park.

05 mars 2006

Promenade dominicale....

This morning we strolled along the banks of the local river called Le Cailly

I don't know the name of those trees , have you got any idea ?

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