06 juin 2006

The flowers of my garden

30 mai 2006

A walk inthe Botanic Garden

03 mai 2006

Boats in Rouen Harbour

Traditionnal barge

Modern cruise barge

26 avril 2006

Rouen Hôtel particulier 18th century

09 avril 2006

Nature's gift

07 avril 2006

Another rainbow

Okay, I said I quit posting on a daily basis. Still, I intend to post from time to time.
I shot this rainbow the same day as the previous one, but this one was over the River Seine in Rouen. I know I must change the name of the blog but I have not found a name yet.

04 avril 2006


I am very sad to have to stop this blog due to a massive load of work. Thank you for your visits and comments and Good Luck to all of you. MARIE

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